21 July 2010

Welcome to Scrap That!

Scrap That! aims to be the most up to date, impartial, unbiased, firm but fair review blog around.
Reviewing as many products as possible from the scrapbooking industry, from the simplest of sticky back plastic to computer programs costing hundreds of pounds.
We have too many years of experience of scrapbooking and have increasingly noticed how difficult it can be for newcomers to this wonderful pastime to see the woods for the trees.

So basically if you are a consumer that wants something reviewed, whether its a product, a service, a shop or even a scrapbooking celeb then let us know, or even review it yourself and send it to us to include on the blog, you could even win a prize for it!
If you are a manufacturer and you want something reviewed and don't mind honest comments then contact us and we'll happily do it.
And finally watch this space as we grow and add to our regular review team!

For all enquiries, whether its for advertising, submitting ideas or reviews or to get a product reviewed contact us on ScrapThat@scrapbook-101.com

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