12 September 2010

Becky Higgins Project Life

The first thought that crossed my mind when I opened up this box was ‘wow! What a lot of goodies!’ Included in the package is:
  • 3-ring 12" x 12" album
  • 54 12" x 12" divided page protectors
  • 12 clear monthly bookmarks
  • 12 sheets of double sided designer cardstock
  • A sturdy box to keep all of the elements
  • 4 playing card sized boxes to store journaling cards
  • 360 3" x 4" journaling cards
  • 56 bifold journaling cards
  • 16 designer cards for title page and back page of the album
  • 60 4" x 6" header cards for titling
  • 60 3" x 4" designer cards
  • 1140 arrow and day of the week stickers
  • 1 rolling date stamp for dating journaling cards
The basic idea of the kits is that you have enough supplies to put a photo per day in the album, along with accompanying journaling, for a whole year. You don’t have to follow this format at all, but I decided to set it up that way. Becky’s website has some great ideas for alternative uses for the kit. You can find out more about the kit here.
So for $50 you can scrapbook for a year and not need to buy anything else except a pen, and get your photos developed. That’s pretty good value!

The contents of the kit all coordinate, and you can mix and match as much as you like - it all goes together so well. The materials used are high quality and, actually, you have more than you need to complete a year’s worth of entries. The product is all exclusive to Becky Higgins – you won’t find it anywhere else.

So I’m choosing to use the project as a record of my life for a year. It’s a pretty big commitment. The fact that the journaling cards come in 4 little boxes means that I can keep a set by the bed, a set in the car, a set in my craft space and a set in my bag. They’ll always be on hand to jot down some thoughts about my day. No excuses!

I’d say that most scrapbookers could find a use for this kit. Beginners would find it incredibly useful as you don’t need to think too much about your design or products – there’s no chance to get overwhelmed with choice as it’s a pretty straightforward project. I, on the other hand, am all about the creativity when it comes to making pages for my albums. Where I struggle is being organised enough to find photos and stories to scrap! So, for me, this project is the perfect way for me to organise a whole year’s worth of photos and stories to keep on hand for when I want to get more creative and dedicate a layout to a particular moment.

The kit costs C$59.99 and is available from the fantastically friendly and helpful Tammy Morales at Scrapbookers Inner Circle to UK/international buyers, or $49.99 from Beckyhiggins.com to US buyers. You can also see a video of what’s in the kit here.

The Project Life kit gets a 4 scissor rating from me. The only frustration I have is that there’s no option within the kit to vary the layout of your pages - the page protectors are all divided in the same way. But, reading Becky’s interview below, I think that might be about to change!

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