1 August 2010

Best craft storage

The Best Craft storage range is possibly the queen of ready made craft storage ideas, unfortunately with a price tag to match. We have reviewed the triple stacker system which comes in at around $620 in the US or £505 in the UK depending on what combination you have.
The Triple Stacker
The manufacturer lists the following as the benefits of the system:

  • Optimizes storage space by using shallow drawers.

  • Modular system allows you to add on as your storage needs grow.

  • Will last a lifetime. We Guarantee it!

  • To be honest I would agree with it. You can fit an incredible amount of things into the draws which are also the perfect size for your 12 x 12 pages. The draws also come in different depths so that you can pretty much arrange your stacker how ever you want.

    Available in maple, walnut or white you can be sure to find one that will match in with your decor and because it is an actual piece of furniture it won't even look out of place in a normal living area if you are not lucky enough to have your own craft room.
    The major downfall to me is simply the cost. In the US you are lucky enough to get them at a reasonable price, but due to the costs in getting these bulky pieces over to the UK it does mean that we pay a premium. I also can't help but think that if these drawer units didn't have the word "craft" in front of them then the price might be half of what it actually is.

    The drawers can all be purchased separately and are available as either paper trays, 1", 2" or 3.5" deep drawers. They also come in black or white to help you to match things in nicely.

    Overall the quality and versitilty of this whole range is fantastic. The only thing that lets it down is the cost, which is the only reason they don't get the sacred 5 scissor rating.
    Available in the UK from Storage 4 Crafts and in the US from Best .


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