6 August 2010

Free Digital Scrapbooking.com and a prize!!

Our next review is for all you digi and hybrid scrappers out there. Free Digital Scrapbooking.com is, as the name suggests, an online digital scrapbooking resource website. And again as the name suggests it's FREE. Now we like free stuff don't we? Well this site is overflowing with it!
Being a website, and a free resource, it's definetely falls down to me to take a look at it, and maybe even have a play! Especially as I've never made a digital layout, EVER.

To start with it's probably worth mentioning what the site looks like and how easy it is to get around. First impressions are that it's bright and busy, but not so busy that you cannot see what is going on. There are pleanty of adverts on there, but they do not get in the way, and with the amount of elements that the owner of this site gives away, there has to be some way for her to finance it! The other way is via a shop that is also on the site. But unlike a lot of places where you can get free things along side a shop, there is definetely no scrimping on the freebies and the shop is very much understated in a way. In fact you could quite easily go onto the site and not even know there was a shop at all.
So what exactly is on offer? Well here are the listing from the sites menu and there are pleanty of items in each one:
  • Tutorials
  • Digital Kits
  • Alphabets
  • Papers
  • Embelishments
  • Quick Pages
  • Templates/shapes
  • Paper crafts
  • Cards
  • Fonts
  • Layout Ideas
  • Page titles
I really would recomend a browse through all of these just to get an idea on the huge variety of elements on offer. For anyone with no idea on how to even start with digital scrapbooking the tutorials are a good starting point, but I would imagine that they are more for beginners than experienced digi scrappers.
The quick pages I found to be great to get an idea of how a digital layout could look. All you have to do is add a photo using your prefured picture editor. I used Adobe Firefox for this, and my other layout below. Here's a "quick page" I used with a chistmas feel. I know its only August but I can't help but love Christmas!

The digital kits are a little more detailed as you have to place the items yourself and actually design the layout, which is probably why my layout isn't quite as good as the quick page I attempted earlier. At least with the digital kits though you do get everything, you need and it should all match.
I don't think I did too bad a job, any comments?

There really is a hige selection of free stuff on this page and I really enjoyed playing with them.
I would highly recommend this site for anyone who wants to take a look at digital scrapbooking.

Oh and the prize. Just leave a comment before next Friday letting us know what things you'd like to get reviewed and you'll get a chance to win a nice new pack of American Crafts Thickers. Also if you link to us on your blogs and let us know you'll get an extra entry. Good luck everyone.


  1. thank you for the review and recommendation to the freedigitalscrapbooking.com. I just went there and awesome. Love their quick page.
    I am undecided over Martha Stewart scoreboard and the Scor-Pal scoreboard. Hope you can review and recommend them.

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