30 August 2010

Kaisercraft Spotlight

September means it's Christmas time! Well ok not just yet, but it does mean more Christmas inspired product releases. Kaisercraft have launched absolutely tons of new products today on their blog. I'm going to take a quick look at the 'Tis The Season' collection.

Personally I love the Vintage look, no comments about my age please. Also in my opinion there is no better vintage than Christmas vintage. I'm just an old fashioned type of guy I guess. So with this in mind the Tis The Season range obviously make me happy.
The papers look great. Lovely traditional tones, with a distressed and worn look to each of the pages.

There looks like there is something for everyone in this collection. Obviously we havent yet had a chance to play with this set yet, we should start seeing it in shops in September. Along with the papers there are also some specialty flocked papers, epoxy stickers, stamps, rub-ons, chipboard and pretty much anything else you could imagine.
Whilst looking at these I couldn't help but think that the collection would really lend itself to an off the page project, and then I saw what they have created on their product page.

Now doesn't that just make you wish it was December 1st already!
If you want to see all of the products that Kaisercraft have released in this range, take a look at their page here
We are expecting a small package from Kaisercraft any day now for us to do a proper review. If these pictures are anything to go by it'll be a good review. But then you never know!

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