31 August 2010

New reviewer news

Coming soon to a review blog near you... 2 NEW fantastic reviewers. Val, who is our girl with her finger on the pulse in the US and Rebekah who I'm won't leave any stone unturned over here in the UK.
Their first reviews will be American crafts products from Val and, as part of our month long kit club special, the Scrapagogo kit from Rebekah.
I for one can't wait to see what they come up with.


  1. Im looking forward to see what you girls will have to say!!! Cheers! XX

  2. So very excited to join Amanda, Tony & Rebekah on this team!!

  3. Will be watching with baited breath.

  4. Me too, so excited :) I spent last night playing with the kit and Amanda has my hot off the press review in her Inbox right now :)


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