6 October 2010

Crafters Workshop Templates

The Crafter’s Workshop provided us with a selection of their 6” x 6” and 12” x 12” templates to review.   

Each 6 x 6 template retails for $4.39, (£4.95) and the 12 x 12 templates retail for $6.59 (£7.95). Templates are readily available worldwide via online retailers.
There is one plastic template per package. Crafter’s Workshop says the templates are “for cardmaking, doodling, tracing, stenciling, quilting, sponging, stippling, sprtizing, chalking & more.”  I tried a variety of these techniques with several of the templates, for both cards and scrapbook layouts, and had success with all of them.  As I worked with them, I realized the possibilities are pretty endless with this product. You could use any ink, paint or pen – or combo of those mediums. You could work on paper or fabric or any other surface you can think of, even cake! They are extremely easy to use, durable and clean up very easily. Below are just a few of my samples. I feel I could have worked for an entire week and come up something new every day.
Spray ink is a great way to achieve a quick and dramatic result with these templates. An interesting by-product  of this technique is to ‘stamp’ with the inked side of the stencil after spraying through the template. This results in a positive impression of the template, which is quite striking. I used the Gathered Flowers  12 x 12 template for this example of positive/negative misting:

I used the positive print for background paper of this project:

Here is another spray ink technique with the Cherry Blossoms template, a pretty  ‘scenic’ 6 x 6 template with branches, small flowers and birds. The 6 x 6 is an ideal size for cardmaking.  I misted this with a brown glimmer mist onto a patterned paper:

Paper piercing + distress ink
The finer templates, like the Mini Dotted Scallop 6 x6 template, is an excellent tool for the paper piercing technique:

I did notice the templates with smaller openings produce the best results with an ink applicator or direct ink pad to template technique.

I made this card with the technique pictured above:

In addition to cardmaking and scrapbooking, the templates would also be suitable for quilters and even bakers. I decorated this batch of brownies with the Gathered Flowers template and some powdered sugar.

The Crafter’s Workshop is a family owned business that manufactures in the U.S. The wide variety of options and attention to detail make their products a pleasure to work with. Their templates are versatile and produce beautiful results. 


  1. Val, you're amazing! I have a couple of these templates from way back and I'm going to have to pull them out again, now! I totally never thought of decorating cakes with them!! :)

  2. So clever! Love the cake idea! :) Love both the cards and layout! Terrific job, Val!


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