8 October 2010

Maggie Holmes Interview

A little while ago we contacted the fantastically inspiring Maggie Holmes to as her a few questions about her scrapbooking life. Maggie was fantastic and even though she is massivly busy she managed to fit in time to answer our questions.

How long have you been scrapbooking and what got you started?

Ever since I can remember. I was always into collecting stationary and stickers and then it turned into scrapbooking!

What do you see as your biggest scrapbooking achievement?

The current cover of CK Magazine(September edition) – It’s one of my favorite photos of Emily Jane and I also created the layout!! So fun!

What is your favourite scrapbooking product?

I can’t hardly choose because it all works together to make the magic – cardstock, mist, punches, ribbon, buttons, brads.....

What is the most you've ever spent on a purpose made scrapbooking item?

not sure

If you could give every scrapbooker in the world one piece of advice what would it be?

To just go for it and not compare yourself and your work to others. People are always telling me that they love scrapbooking but their pages aren’t that great and I say stop that! Whatever you are doing is wonderful and amazing and will be treasured by you and your family members for many many years!!

Which scrapbooking product do you use the most and why?

Again, hard to say..... But probably patterned paper.... I love using it to add color and visual interest!

What is your favourite design technique?

I love using mist to add a little flair to my background before layering everything else on top!

If you could have any scrapbooking product or tool right now that you do not already own what would it be?

The silhouette!

What camera or cameras do you use to take your pictures and do you have a favourite?

Point and Shoot – Canon G11
DSLR – Nikon D700

Do you use a particular type of pen for journaling?

Mostly American Crafts Slick Writer

You were recently named by Ella as one of the top 10 most influential scrapbookers. (How did you feel when you were given this honour?)

Completely shocked honestly! I am still so surprised and humbled when things like this happen to me! I have always just felt like a girl doing what she loves and I feel small in this huge world so it means sooooo much to be recognized and to be reminded that what I am doing is making a difference for so many people! Mostly I just feel blessed!

If you could use only products from ONE manufacturer for the rest of your scrapping days, who's products would you choose?

Eeek.... This is a hard one again! I would have to say Making Memories because they are the company that recognized me in the beginning and gave me my start in the industry. I have been with them for years and years and they never cease to amaze me! Their products are beautiful and fun and they cover it all from tools to paper to embellishments!

Do you have a favourite layout you've created, and could we see it please? Why is it your favourite?

If you haven’t noticed I am not good at picking favorites! I love them all for so many reasons and each one means something different and is special to me in a unique way. So I will just share one of my most recent.....

We must take this opportunity to thank Maggie for taking time out of her already stacked up timetable to share her thoughts and layout with us. You truly are inspirational and influential. 

Is there someone you'd like us to interview? What would you want to ask them? Let us know and maybe we can fix it!!


  1. What an great interview. I've been inspired by Maggie's work for many years!

  2. I love Maggie's work. Thanks for the interview :).


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