3 November 2010

The Glitter Girls Collection Embossing Boards

There are nearly 40 embossing boards in The Glitter Girls Collection, ranging in price from £7.50 and £19.99 and I was given two to review today.  Each board has a variety of designs on it allowing you to mix and match on both cards and scrapbook pages. These boards were were sent to us from The Happy Crafters

The Glitter Girls say that the ‘lovely designs provide a wealth of cardmaking possibilities’ and I would have to agree. The boards available cover loads and loads of occasions and using a tool (like the 6mm glitter ball tool from The Glitter Girls for just £2.50) you can create gorgeous embossed images.

The two multi-design embossing boards I had were the 12x12 Keepsake Card Craft ‘Treasured Memories’ (£19.99) and the ‘Boudoir ‘Embossing Boards (£14.99).  They are both double sided, maximising the number of designs available to you.  Both have comprehensive instructions printed on the packaging but if you need any further help then there’s a great website with videos, a gallery and contact details.  I did get a little confused by the instructions but they made more sense once I’d looked at the website and I was able to create a scrapbook page that used the edging and journaling square from the ‘Treasured Memories’ embossing board.  I highlighted them on the paper using ink.  The boards can be used for cards AND scrapbooks, however the designs are perhaps more suited to card making since they are large and make great focal points.  However elements on both boards can be used in scrapbooking. 

‘Treasured Memories’ has 12x12 lines that can be used to make a frame for the whole page plus ovals, circles, hearts, buttons, cupcake and candle and a fan.  ‘Boudoir’ has gems, curtains, hats, shoes, coat hanger, dressing screen, and female garments for those girly cards and girly pages. 

The Glitter Girls collection can be ordered worldwide and shipping is charged dependent on the weight of your order.  These embossing boards may seem expensive, however I think that the cost of these boards is justified for cardmaking where you could use them again and again to make gorgeous cards with your signature design. However I think that for scrapbooking the cost would seem less justified as you’re unlikely to use many of the designs over and over again.  Having said that, I would definitely use the board 12x12 Keepsake Card Craft ‘Treasured Memories’ again for scrapbooking.  The boards are extremely well made and appear hard wearing and from that respect they can be used again and again. 

All in all the boards are a great buy for card makers and the cost could be justified by the number of cards that can be made with them and it’s to card makers that these boards will appeal the most.  Scrapbookers will love some elements on each board but might not be able to justify the price with the elements having limited repeated use.

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