7 November 2010

The Ultimate Crafter's Companion

The Ultimate Crafter’s Companion is a multi-function crafter’s tool, or as it says on it’s package “the ultimate all-in-one scoring tool.”

The tool retails for $59.99 and is available worldwide. Packed in a neat and compact hinged 14” x 12” magenta plastic case, the tool opens flat to approx. 14” x 24” of workspace.
Each of the surfaces contains a variety of embossing shapes, borders & scoring lines. One surface is dedicated to envelope making, another to card folding (gate folds, accordion folds, half folds). Underneath one of the interior surfaces is a small storage area that holds the cutting tools, bone folders &  bow making pegs. Along with a complete instruction booklet and a  3 hour dvd,  the Ultimate Crafter’s Companion can help you “score, measure, trim, embellish, create boxes, shaped card blanks, envelopes and more” The features and tasks listed on the packaging of this multi-purpose tool are:
·       Cardmaking
·       Envelope scorer
·       Box folder
·       Envelobox creator
·       Embossing designs
·       Decorative lines and corners
·       Popout & K-card creator
·       Bow maker
·       Built in paper trimmer
·       Storage compartment

I tried each of the features listed above and felt the Ultimate Crafter’s Companion delivered on all points. I was particularly surprised by the paper trimmer, which seems flimsy but actually makes very straight, crisp cuts. The cutting mouse can be used with or without the trimming tool and is extremely easy to handle. 

The Ultimate Crafter’s Companion comes with detailed instructions and an informative dvd. If you are not familiar with using a scoreboard, like me, these items are essential for making the more complicated assemblies – like the popout and K-cards, and for exploring the full potential of this multi-function tool. With a small amount of tutorial time, you can make some pretty impressive projects.
Here are a few of the projects I made with the Ultimate Crafter’s Companion.
I followed the simple directions in the booklet to make these cute triangle boxes (they’d make great Christmas ornaments, too)

The envelope maker board is particulary easy to navigate when used in conjunction with the handy paper size chart included in the booklet – this little one fits an ATC:

The board surfaces (4 all together) have a variety of embossing channels. I found the scallop embossing groove very handy when making this card:

And here’s a variation on the scallop border with this card:

My only complaints:
·       When you open the Crafter’s Companion from the ‘wrong’ side, all of the loose items, including the ruler and cutting blade, fall out.
·       The clip that holds the 2 sides of the case together is on the loose side and is not attached to the case – making it very easy to lose. Since the case needs the clip to stay closed, this could be a problem when you want to store or transport the item.
·       To put the cutting blade in place in the ‘cutting mouse’ you must handle the sharp, unprotected razor blade.
This tool would be handy for any level papercrafter. Its functions range from simple to advanced and the possibilities of what you can create are endless.   


  1. Oh wow, I'm so impressed by that.

  2. Fabulous projects...thanks so much for sharing!


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